Learn More About the WOL Institute Program

Learn More About the WOL Institute Program

We offer a combination of live sessions and coursework in Canvas to provide the BEST virtual world language experience for learners. 

We would be open to doing a demo. I am providing a few resources, if you want more information please let me know. 

Here are some resources for you to see some details of our program:

Live Session Demo

Spanish Demo

Arabic Demo

Web Page

Course Catalog

For more information or a demo of our program please reach out to pmulroy@iu08.org

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    • How do I manage participants' audio and video during a Zoom session?

      You can set adjust some Zoom audio/video settings prior to a session. There are also some settings that you can adjust on-the-fly during a session. Review the information below for details.  Mute Participants Upon Entry Log in to https://zoom.us/ ...
    • How do I log into the WOL student information system?

      World of Learning student information is accessed via Genius, our student information system. Logging into your Genius account: 1. Go to: https://wol.geniussis.com/ 2. Log in with the credentials provided to you. See the article on password recovery ...
    • How can I check my child's progress in their WOL course?

      Video instructions: Text instructions: To monitor your child's grades and progress, you log into your Genius account which mirrors what your child sees when they log in. The dashboard will provide you with an overall grade on the course tile. To see ...
    • What are the tech requirements for the World of Learning programs? (for tech admins)

      If you have students or teachers accessing World of Learning courses, please be sure to allow access to the following email domains and websites on your filtering and security software. Email Domains to Allow for Communication @iu08.org ...
    • How do I recover my Genius password?

      If you don't remember your password, you can have it sent to you via Genius. 1. Go to the Genius login page: https://wol.geniussis.com/ 2. Click on the recover password link. Screenshot below. 3. Enter your login (your full school email address) and ...