How do I get started with Microsoft Sway?

How do I get started with Microsoft Sway?

Microsoft Sway is an app from Microsoft Office that makes it easy to create and share interactive newsletters, reports, and presentations. As a teacher, you can use Sway to communicate with learners in a dynamic way. You can even use Sway to present mini-lessons! Review the step-by-step directions below to learn how to get started with Microsoft Sway.

Opening Sway

  • Go to and click LOGIN. Enter your username and password (provided by your organization). 

  • Click the Sway app. 

Creating a Sway

  • Choose a template to edit or click NEW BLANK SWAY.

  • Add text, an image, or media by clicking the plus sign.

  • Choose a design by clicking DESIGN on the left and then STYLES on the right. Choose the layout first, and then the aesthetics. 

Sharing a Sway & Viewing Analytics

  • Click SHARE to share your Sway with your audience.

  • On your Sway home page, click ANALYTICS to see viewing statistics!

TIPS: If you are sending weekly communication, duplicate your Sway & change the content without having to redesign the layout. To do this:
    • Open last week’s message.

    • Click on the three dots on the right.

    • Select “duplicate this Sway.”

  • Click back and forth a lot on “Play” as you design your first Sway to get a sense of how things look.

  • Use the larger font option (for accessibility and visibility) 

  • Click “Anyone with the link” when you share so that others can view your link.

Some examples:

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